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Bob Kenny

Bob has been chair of Film Forres since 2023 when Gareth Edwards, our previous chair stood down. Bob is an artist and former art teacher.



Rob Coffey

Rob is our treasurer. A key member of our core team, Rob looks after the accounts and all of our financial affairs.


Vice Chair

Tim Flood

Tim supports Bob as vice-chair. He's also the moving force behind our Film School Forres inititaive.

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Ruth Whitfield

Ruth is our development officer and she's the one who keeps everything aworking smoothly. She looks after our monthly newsletter.

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Brian Hill

Brian has been involved with Film Forres since 2011. He is a designer and writer. He also takes care of our website.

Back of a group of volunteers

Our Volunteers

(you can join us…)

We rely on a core group of volunteers to help us: Anna, David M, David P, Lorna, Peter, and many more.


Volunteer with us

There are lots of things you can help with

  • organising the Town Hall (and other venues in the locality)

  • assisting on the door at events

  • looking after the tuck shop  on kids’ nights

  • doing technical stuff (like setting up and running the equipment)

  • just coming up with film ideas

  • or even joining our committee…

Or turn up on a film night and ask us!

Otherwise, send us a message using our contact form.

Volunteer Poster 2024

Film Forres relies on its volunteers. We're managed by a committee which meets regularly to work out our programmes and to develop our different initiatives (such as Film Forres Mobile and Film School Forres).


Members are drawn from our wider group of volunteers whose roles are entirely practical - helping set up and supervise film nights. We have five 'official' roles: chairperson, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer plus one funded post of organiser. 

We're always in need of extra hands, mainly for help on film nights themselves.


We do want to involve anyone who's keen on more technical aspects to assist with projection, setting up our mobile equipment and sharing the management of our website and social media.


Involvement in the committee is optional, of course - though that's where we come up with ideas for films and keep on top of our adminstration.

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