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Learning about film by doing it!

Like many community organisations in 2019 and 2020, Film Forres screenings were suspended because of Covid 19. During that time we started a new initiative, Film School Forres.

We'd received funding from Creative Scotland to run community workshops on understanding the medium of film but, since Covid was affecting face-to-face work, we were asked to run them online using Zoom in early 2021. Since then we have run several more face-to-face workshops for young people and for school staff.

We've just completed a series of six evening workshops with young people - funded through the Moray Youth Participatory Budget. read more below and view the result of our final video exercise.

More sessions are planned for later in 2024. If you're interested, please get in touch with us using the form below:

Video Camera

Moray Youth Participatory Budget – Workshops: 6th February - 12th March 2024 

Over six sessions, we explored filming and editing techniques. The group learned the elements of story-telling through the medium of film and practised creating several scenarios.

The final exercise had the whole group working as a professional film crew from a pre-prepared storyboard. Each member was able to have a turn being director, camera operator, dealing with lighting, sound, props and acting as crew runner.

Completed in an evening session with 6 young people at Transition Town Forres. {The main actors were Tim and Brian, the workshop tutors). The crew worked exceptionally well together considering this was a first-time leaning experience.

Smith and Carlson – FSF Exercise – Final Video and Original Storyboards

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